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Building a great marketing campaign requires a unique mix of creative arts, scientific execution, and a passion for powerful communication. Done right, it elevates the brand, drives business results, and gains loyalty.

We know, because that’s what we do for our clients everyday.

PMG is a world-class marketing, video, and design agency. We’ve built our business from the ground up with integrity, innovation, and creative expertise. We curate content, service marketing campaigns, and drive results for some of the world’s most successful brands.

Each project is built on a set of strategies centered around the client’s business goals. Check out an overview of how we approach projects below.

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We start with the end in mind. What does this campaign or piece of content need to accomplish for the business? Let’s get specific about it. Most campaigns we build come with three types of targets we like to set before picking up the paint brush; revenue, engagement, and retention.

Now that we have clear targets, we get our creative vibes on. PMG’s world-class creative designers and producers help our clients carve away at the vision for the campaign to ultimately create a polished story and set of visuals. We ask ourselves a series of questions throughout the design process; Does this grab my attention and spark emotion? Is it easy to understand? Is it easy to take action on?

Turning the ‘napkin drawing’ into an executable, multi-phased comprehensive marketing campaign with memorable content is where we differentiate ourselves. One of our agency’s key strengths is our ability to take the ideas created in the design phase and execute on them. The PMG team is stacked with highly-proficient directors, camera operators, engineers, editors, animators, digital marketers, coders, writers, project managers, and producers all focused on driving project success.

Every marketing dollar spent, needs to equal more revenue dollars earned.  Although all campaigns are not geared towards just revenue, somewhere down the funnel your marketing efforts need to make a positive impact on your business goals.  Ensuring the highest potential ROI is a refinement process.  The most impactful campaigns we launch span over the course of several quarters and get polished through data and analysis.

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