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Does your company have a hero image?

Imagery speaks volumes to your brands development and professionalism. Hero images can often be the most memorable piece of a brand identity. These images need to tell a story, to captivate your audience, and to relate to your target demographic. Let your customer feel like they’re the ones telling the story, they’re the one speaking the narrative, you’re the one providing the experience for them to tell that story. Let’s dive into our photoshoot for Bar32.

First Step

In the preliminary stages of the process, we started digging on the web and finding inspiration that followed the concept of the brand. In this case: Modern vintage, with a relation to the music industry. Our goal was to speak to life’s simple pleasures. Music, chocolate, and overall good vibes. Knowing the concept, we started to build a shot list. This is where we cover the ground for the shoot. What backdrops will we be using? Is there a product we want to show off? Are there models involved? Who or what is the hero in this story? Knowing these answers, we dive into the planning process, let me not bore with you that piece and let’s get into the meat of the project.

Break out the shot list

The shoot! Turn the tunes on and start setting up. For this piece you’ll most likely want a good crew at hand, and you’ll want to start setting up early. Make sure you give yourself atleast 3 hours of set up time OR set up the night before. Once you’re set up make sure you have all the necessities for your models and crew. Waters, snacks, lunch orders, coffee, etc., happy crew means a good start to a shoot. If you have a makeup artist or fashion designer be sure to have them show a couple hours early along with the models. You’ll want to make sure everyone has their game faces on before the shoot.

Break out that shot list! Lights, camera, action. Turn up the tunes, make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and ready to rock. Often times photoshoots can be uncomfortable and uneasy, especially if you have some new models to the scene. Your photographer should be just as good with their people skills as their camera skills, and if they’re not, that’s where you step in. Be the buffer. Have fun, keep the mood light, and enjoy the creative process.

As your shooting you’ll often find yourself not loving ALL the shots you get. Take your time and leave yourself an hour or two for a “wild card” shot. GET MESSY! In this moment, anything goes. Break out the paints, mess up the hair, take a shot and let the creativity flow.  

Clap it up

Clap it up. You did it, you completed a successful photoshoot. Now it’s time to sit down and analyze. Review the work with your photographer and creative team. Select a handful of images that speak most to the brands story. Once you have the SHOT! The HERO IMAGE! It’s time to implement. This photo belongs on your website, social media cover photos, marketing materials, newsletters, hand-outs, and so on.

You now have a creative hero image that speaks volumes to your brands identity. But wait! Let’s not be wasteful. Take all the images that you enjoyed and use them for social media promotions, weekly touchpoints, and more.