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The Paper Route

Seven Must-Have Company Goal Strategies For 2021

If you had to score your business’s performance over the past 24 months on a scale from one to 10, with 10 being the best score, what number would you give it? And how are you coming up with that evaluation? Setting business goals is critical to success in any organization, and it is also one of the best ways to truly identify how your business is doing. As you plan to take the new year by storm, here are seven must-have strategies to bake into your 2021 business goal planning.

Boston Restaurant Tour

We arrived on a Tuesday evening to nice little Airbnb located on the outskirts of Bostons madness. Our crew is tight, and we usually prefer an Airbnb to a hotel. I suppose you didn’t ask for the insight on this piece of information, but I’m going to fill you in because it adds a little “togetherness” to our story. Airbnb’s are nice because they hold our team accountable. It allows us to eat dinners as a team, gives us time for some back and forth camaraderie, allows us to schedule a shot list, run through our plan of attack for next day hustles, and keeps us all in the same headspace as we rest up and get ready for our shoot day.

Does your company have a hero image?

Imagery speaks volumes to your brands development and professionalism. Hero images can often be the most memorable piece of a brand identity. These images need to tell a story, to captivate your audience, and to relate to your target demographic. Let your customer feel like they’re the ones telling the story, they’re the one speaking the narrative, you’re the one providing the experience for them to tell that story. Let’s dive into our photoshoot for Bar32.