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Controlling Chaos: Make Your Team Stronger Under Pressure

Throughout 2020 we’ve all seen our fair share of adversity, but our clients need us to be more strong, fast, and innovative than ever.  Here are a few habits we’ve used as a team to rise to the challenge in 2020.

1. Communicate Early & Often:

As a team, we keep regular meetings. Whether we’re working in our office in Philly or from home-offices throughout the East Coast and beyond, we connect. Our discussions include more than strategy related to our goals. They serve as touch-points related to how we’re doing both individually and as a team. We motivate one another and though we may not all be together in the room, the face-to-face is a great opportunity to feel less isolated and was especially appreciated during the months of lock-down. We also keep regular communication with our clients and do a lot of listening related to their changing needs. Some of our favorite tools: Zoom for meetings with one another and our clients, Slack for communication with our team, DropBox for shareable files, and Adobe XD for revisions and edits.

2. Stay flexible, open-minded and evolve:

Things are changing day by day — sometimes by the minute. Events were cancelled, industries were at a standstill and there are so many unknowns. We were reminded about the importance of backup plans and very quickly learned how to put Covid-Safe standards into practice. We looked for ways to diversify our client-base and we turned our office into a Peerspace. We realize that though a structured and detailed plan is important, that we need to be open to and ready for changes. More of our designs live in a virtual event space than printed banners these days. Through it all, we’re learning and we believe everything we’ll take away from 2020 will serve us in the future.

3. Stay focused:

We believe one of our biggest factors contributing to our success over the past several months is that we kept focus on our goals. There are so many factors that we can’t control but rather than allowing those more time than they deserve, we controlled what we could: we set our goals and kept striving for them. As a team, we stayed committed to why we exist – to help our clients achieve their goals, to tell their stories, to help develop brands, to inspire. Impactful activity: We recently created vision boards related to our personal and business five-year goals to keep in mind that what we’re doing today affects more than the here and now.