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Chapter 01Wines That Create Impact


“Partnering with PMG has allowed us to connect with the U.S. wine market. With their creativity and attention to detail, we’ve been able to express the Bolivian culture we’ve always wanted to represent. We’re thrilled to continue our partnership as we continue to grow our portfolio.”
Tealye Long
Co-Founder, Chufly Imports

Chapter 02A Taste Of Bolivia

Chapter 03Continued Impact

Chufly continues to generate recognition with their wines through publications like “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” collaborations with Rainforest Trust, and even a review from Master Sommelier, Ian Cauble. Since 2016 our relationship with Chufly continues to evolve as we continue to express the stories of the family farmers, the bottlers, the textile artists, and the communities that encompass these wines and vineyards.

Today, as they add more wines featuring new regions to their portfolio, in addition to creating brand identities for their new wines which pay homage to the regions and the people who create them, we also create social media content, produce high-end photography, and assist with all other design collateral.